In the vibrant heart of Austin, TX, a spark of creative brilliance was kindled in 2015. That spark was Less is More Jewelry, the brainchild of Ha Le, a visionary artist with a rich background in fine arts. Ha's journey wove through the bustling streets of New York City and the eclectic vibes of Austin, where she honed her craft under the mentorship of powerful female entrepreneurs in the jewelry scene. These formidable experiences ignited Ha's dream to forge her unique path in the world of adornments.


The brand swiftly became a treasure trove, showcased in hundreds of chic boutiques across the nation. Ha's passion shone brightly as she immersed herself in the community through tradeshows, art fairs, and festive holiday markets. Then, in 2023, Ha embraced a new chapter, choosing to nurture her family life and the flourishing Succulents Box, a verdant venture she began with her partner in 2017.


Today, Less is More Jewelry emerges from the horizon with a radiant rebirth. Our latest rebranding is a homage to new beginnings, epitomized by our elegant new logo—a minimalist sunrise that heralds our return. As we pivot to a wholesale-centric model, our beloved core collections are joined by a suite of innovative designs. Each piece is accompanied by exquisite new jewelry cards, each card a canvas bearing our emblem in embossed gold—a statement of sophistication destined to captivate and charm in any retail ensemble.