Every piece of Less is More Jewelry is made with 14K gold-dipped/ 925 sterling silver materials and semi-precious gemstones or raw crystals. To keep our handmade jewelry looking its best, follow these simple care tips:


  • Store Properly: Keep these jewelry in a cool, dry place, preferably in a jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratches.
  • Avoid Chemicals: avoid contact with any type of chemicals such as lotion, perfume, shower gel, or dishwashing liquid. These will damage the shine of your jewelry. 
  • Avoid Moisture: Minimize contact with your skin because the salt and acids in your sweat may cause your jewelry to tarnish quickly. Therefore, wear your jewelry over your clothes, and take your jewelry off before swimming, showering, or exercising.
  • Clean Gently: Use a soft cloth to gently clean these jewelry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.
  • Handle with Care: Be gentle when putting on or taking off to prevent bending or breaking.


We will ALWAYS have your back. If your jewelry breaks, send us a message at info@lessismorejewelry.com to receive a quote for our repair service. Except for some serious damages, most repairs are simple and we do them for FREE!




    • Pure gold is very soft and is not a good choice for daily jewelry; that is why an alloy is almost always used for gold jewelry items, even in jewelry pieces worth an incredible amount of money. At Less is More, we use 14k gold dipped, which is composed of a solid layer of 14k real gold mechanically bonded to a base metal: brass. 
    • By using gold dipped, we aims to bring to you great quality jewelry at a reasonable price. However, gold is soft and the layer of gold may wear off after a long wear, revealing the brass base. We hope that you understand all metals change color to reflect the environment they are in, and that you will embrace this beautiful natural phenomenon. 
    • All Less is More jewelry is lead and nickel FREE